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  The Great Bible Story #19
Choice from heaven

Jacob Ninan
Sarah died, and Abraham buried her in a cave he bought. Now in his old age he felt he should make arrangements for Isaac. So he called his faithful servant and asked him to find a bride for Isaac from his relatives. But he warned him that he should not take anyone from the Canaanites, and not to take him back to the place they had left behind.

The servant set out towards the city of Nahor, Abraham's brother, with camels carrying gifts for the bride and her family. By evening he reached a place outside the city where people used to gather for watering the camels. As he thought of the great task that had been entrusted to him, he prayed to God asking Him for a sign to know when he met the right girl. He would ask a girl for some water to drink, and if she offered to water the camels also, then he would know this was the right girl. Even before he had finished praying, Rebekah, the granddaughter of Nahor came with her camels to give them water. She was beautiful to look at and also unmarried. Abraham's servant asked her for a drink, and as she gave him water she also offered to water his camels. She poured water into the trough for the camels to drink. The servant could not hide his surprise for the miraculous way in which his prayer was answered. He asked her who she was and if there was place in her house to stay overnight. She told him that she was the daughter of Bethuel the son of Nahor. Then he bowed himself to the ground and worshipped God!

Rebekah ran to her house and told them about all this. Her brother Laban came running to see who this man was, and then took him to the house. The servant told him that before anything else he wanted to tell them about his mission. When Bethuel and Laban heard it they exclaimed that this was from God, and gave him permission to take Rebekah to Isaac. He gave them the gifts of gold, silver and clothes he had brought.

In the morning the servant told them that he would take Rebekah and go immediately to Isaac. When her family tried to persuade him to stay on for some more days, he said he could not wait to complete his mission. When they asked Rebekah, she was also willing to go. Then they blessed her and sent her with the servant along with her maids.

In the evening Isaac saw the camels coming. Rebekah saw him from a distance and when the servant told her it was Isaac, she put on a veil and got down from the camel. Isaac welcomed her gladly and took her to be his wife.

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