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  The Great Bible Story #25
Joseph sees his brothers

Jacob Ninan
During the seven years of plenty, Joseph stored up all the excess grain, and when the famine started he began to distribute it to the people. The famine was so severe that even people from far places came to him. His father and brothers were also hit by the famine, and when they heard that there was grain in Egypt Jacob asked his sons to go and get some for them. But he kept back Benjamin with him fearing that he might come to harm.

When Joseph's brothers came to him, after more than twenty years, he recognised them but they could not. Joseph acted tough and accused them saying they had come to spy on the land. But they described their situation and details about their family. Joseph was glad to hear his father was alive, but he wanted to see Benjamin also. He told them that he would give them grain this time, but he would keep one of them prisoner till they could prove their story by bringing their youngest brother also with them. Simeon agreed to stay, and he was taken prisoner. When they were travelling back with the grain they found that the money which they had paid was in their sacks. They became quite fearful about what would happen to them. They did not know that Joseph was taking care of them.

When they ran out of grain, Jacob asked them to go to Egypt again. They said they could not, unless they took Benjamin with them. Judah said he would stand guarantee for Benjamin's safety. Jacob struggled with this but finally allowed them to take Benjamin. He told them also to take some special gifts for the official in Egypt to make him happy.

When Joseph saw Benjamin, he asked his staff to arrange a big feast for them. His brothers got scared thinking he would make them captives for not paying for the grains last time. They took pains to explain how they found the money in their bags. But Joseph's manager told them that he had received the payment! Then they all sat down to eat, and the brothers were wondering how they were seated according to age. They also noticed that Benjamin got some extra attention. After Joseph enquired about their father's health he was so overcome with emotions that he had to go away for some time in order to avoid letting them see his tears.

Afterwards Joseph told his staff to put back the brothers' money in their bags and also to hide his special silver cup inside Benjamin's bag. When they had just gone out of the city, someone came running and asked them who had stolen the silver cup.

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