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  The Great Bible Story #28
God calls Moses

Jacob Ninan
When Moses grew up he went to visit his Hebrew brothers in their place. He saw an Egyptian fighting with a Hebrew. In his zeal to stand with the Hebrews, he made sure that no one was watching, killed the Egyptian and buried him out of sight. But another day he saw two Hebrews fighting. He tried to ask them why two brothers were fighting, but they belligerently asked him whether he was going to kill them like the Egyptian! When Moses realised that people knew about his killing, he was scared that Pharaoh would come to know. When Pharaoh knew about this he wanted to kill Moses, and so Moses decided to run away from Egypt altogether.

He fled from Egypt and reached Midian where he sat down near a well wondering what to do next. Seven daughters of Reuel, also called Jethro, a priest of Midian, came to water their flock. Some shepherds there tried to stop them, but Moses intervened and helped them to collect water. When they returned home earlier than usual that day Reuel asked them how. When he heard that an Egyptian had helped them, he asked them to call him home. Moses decided to stay with them and to take care of their flock. Reuel gave him his daughter Zipporah as his wife, and they had two sons there.

In the meantime the people of Israel were crying out to God because of their hardship. He took notice of that and started His plan for their salvation. One day when Moses was pasturing the sheep he saw a bush that was on fire but was not getting burnt! He went near to find out what was going on. Then God called him out of that fire and told him to remove his sandals because he was on holy ground, and to listen to Him. He revealed Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and said that He had seen the trouble His people were going through. He wanted Moses to go to Pharaoh and take His people out of Egypt!

Moses was certainly confused. He was now nearly eighty years old and for forty years he had been keeping away from Pharaoh. He wondered if he was the right man for the job. But God had been training him with forty years of learning in Egypt and forty years of humiliation in the desert! He would not accept any excuse from Moses. He told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him that 'I Am' had asked him to let His people go. When Moses felt diffident about himself thinking that he was not good at talking, God asked him to take his brother Aaron with him.

But God told him that Pharaoh was not going to let them go easily.

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