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  The Great Bible Story #46
Joshua gets deceived

Jacob Ninan
When the people of Gibeon heard about what Israel had done to many kings, they got scared. So they took to great guile to deceive the people of Israel. A few of them got together, put on worn out clothes and worn out sandals, took some torn wineskins and dried up bread with them, and went to meet the people of Israel, pretending as if they had been travelling a long distance. When they came to Joshua and the other leaders of Israel, they narrated a story of long and hard travel from a far distance and said that they had heard about the fame of Israel and what they had done even to kings like Sihon the king of Heshbon and Og the king of Bashan. Now they wanted to make a covenant with Israel and make themselves their servants.

The leaders of Israel believed what they heard because they did not consult with God, and Joshua made a covenant with the people of Gibeon. But three days later the people of Israel discovered that Gibeon was nearby and that they were actually staying in their land at that time! But they could not do anything to the Gibeonites because the leaders had already made the covenant with them. So they made the Gibeonites to be their servants, to cut wood and carry water for them.

Now Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem, heard about how the people of Israel had conquered Ai and enslaved Gibeon which used to be a big city with mighty men. So he got together four other kings and incited them to go with him and attack Gibeon. These five kings and their armies went and camped near Gibeon and started fighting against it. The people of Gibeon then sent word to Joshua, reminding him of their covenant and requested him to go and save them from these kings. At this time God told Joshua not to worry but that He would give all of them into his hands. Joshua and his army marched all night and came upon these kings. God fought against these kings by confusing them and Israel was able to kill them in large numbers. When the five kings and their armies started fleeing from the scene, God started pelting them with hailstones. More people died from the hailstones than from the sword.

Joshua made a prayer to God asking Him to stop the sun and the moon in their positions so that he would have enough time to finish the battle before it became night. God answered that prayer by doing this fantastic miracle for Joshua.

Once we realise that it is God who created the whole universe, such miracles won't seem to be impossible.

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