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  The Great Bible Story #70
Elijah is taken up

Jacob Ninan
Ahaziah became king after Ahab. One day he fell down from an upper floor and was ill. He sent someone to find out from Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, if he would recover. God saw this, and He sent an angel to tell Elijah to go and meet the men Ahaziah had sent. Elijah met them on the way and told them to ask the king why he was going to Baal-zebub as if there was no God in Israel. Elijah also said that because Ahaziah had done this he would not recover but die.

When Ahaziah heard this, he asked his people who had said this, and then he knew it was Elijah. In his anger he sent fifty soldiers to go and bring Elijah to him. The captain went to Elijah told him, "O man of God, come with me because the king wants to see you." Elijah said that if he was a man of God the fire of God would come down and consume them. So the captain and his soldiers were burnt to death with fire from the sky. When Ahaziah came to know this, he sent another fifty soldiers. This captain also said the same thing to Elijah and the same thing happened to them too. Now the king sent another fifty! This captain was begged Elijah to spare his life. This time God told Elijah to go with the soldiers and talk to the king. So Elijah went and told the king that he was going to die because he had sought for help from Baal-zebub. King Ahaziah died just as God said.

When the time came for Elijah to leave the earth, Elisha kept following him around. Every now and then Elijah would ask him to stay so that he could go on. But Elisha would not leave him. When they came to the Jordan, Elijah took his mantle and struck the water with it. The river parted, and the two of them walked through it to the other side. Then Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted before the Lord took him away. Elisha wanted double the anointing that Elijah had. Elijah said that it was a difficult, but he could receive it if he saw Elijah being taken away.

As they were walking along, suddenly they saw a chariot and horses made of fire come between them. This chariot took Elijah up into the sky. Elijah's mantle fell down from him and Elisha picked it up. He went to the Jordan struck the water with the mantle saying, "Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?" The water parted and he crossed over to the other side.

There were some prophets there who saw Elisha coming back from the Jordan and said to themselves that the anointing of Elijah was now with Elisha. Elisha did many miracles to help them.

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