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The Practical Christian Life

Jacob Ninan

The Practical Christian Life

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. What happened at the Fall?

3. Godís plan of salvation

4. The expected response from man

5. What is faith?

6. What happens at salvation?

7. Forgiveness of sins

8. Water baptism

9. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

10. The Lordís supper

11. Bible, prayer, fellowship

12. Believers, followers and disciples

13. The old and the new covenants

14. The old man and the new man

15. Godís part and manís part

16. Temptation and sin

17. What is victory?

18. Healing of the past

19. Accepting ourselves and others

20. The Christian and marriage

21. The Christian and work

22. The Christian and the church

23. Spiritual gifts and ministry

24. The Christian and giving

25. The Christian and sexuality

26. The Christian and suffering

27. The Christian and sickness

28. The Christian and prosperity

29. The Christian and demons

30. The Christian, witchcraft and curses

31. Backsliding

32. Conclusion

Appendix Ė Interpreting the Bible rightly

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