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The Practical Christian Life

Jacob Ninan

Chapter 32


I hope this has blessed you. What we have received freely from the Lord is something we do not deserve at all, and none of us has seen or understood all that He has prepared for us. I hope, as much as it has helped me in writing this, that you also have been encouraged to press on towards God. Let us learn to walk constantly before Him in humility (Gen.17:1), cleanse ourselves from every defilement of flesh and spirit (2Cor.7:1) as God reveals them to us, and complete the race He has enlisted us in. Let us also encourage one another as the end of days approaches (Heb.3:13) and things become tougher (2Tim.3:1). Let us pray, “Lord, help me to be what You want me to be, and help me to do what You want me to do.”

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About the author Jacob Ninan is a Bible teacher and Christian counsellor. He and his wife Susan have five children and seven grandchildren.

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