Comfort & Counsel

Foundational Truths

by Jacob Ninan

  1. God through the ages
  2. The word of God
  3. The old and new covenants
  4. Salvation
  5. Baptism in water and the Holy Spirit
  6. Conclusion


The whole purpose of building a foundation is so that we can construct a building on top of that. So while understanding the foundational truths will help us to be clear in our direction of life, we must remember that there is still much more to be learned and obeyed. That is the exciting and challenging part of our daily life. As we build up there has to be a lot of interaction with God and other people. We will find need for greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom as well as greater filling of the Holy Spirit as the tasks become more demanding. But God promises to be with us always, and He has also provided us all the help that we need, through His word and our fellow learners and workers in the kingdom of God. Let us seek God and learn to be faithful to Him so that we can fully accomplish the task that He has ordained for each one of us (2 Timothy 4:7,8).
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