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  The Great Bible Story #79
The king has another dream

Jacob Ninan
King Nebuchadnezzar saw another dream which made him fearful. He called all the diviners and the wise men of Babylon to interpret that dream, but none of them had any clue. Finally he remembered Daniel who had interpreted the earlier dream and called him, thinking that Daniel had some spiritual ability to interpret dreams which was given to him by the gods.

This was the dream he saw. He saw a great tree which grew up from the earth to reach the height of the sky. Its leaves spread all around and were seen by the whole earth. Birds made homes in its branches, and animals and people found shade under it. Then an angel came down from heaven and made a declaration, "Cut down the tree, cut off the branches, strip off the leaves, and let the birds and the animals flee from it. Leave only a stump with the roots, and bind a band of bronze and iron around the stump. Let his mind become that of an animal and let him live on the grass for seven years till everyone realises that the Most High God is the one who raises and brings down people!"

When Daniel heard this, he was very hesitant to give the interpretation. He told the king he wished this would happen to some enemy of the king. But it was a message to the king from God. It meant that when Nebuchadnezzar became rich and famous, he would become haughty and arrogant, and then God would bring him down. The king would become like an animal living on the ground for seven years. So Daniel pleaded with the king that he would give up his sinful ways and choose to live righteously before God. But Nebuchadnezzar didn't think it would happen to him.

A year later the king was walking on his terrace and looked around at the grandeur of the city of Babylon. He gloried in himself saying that he was the one who had built the great empire of Babylon. The moment these words came out of his mouth, the judgment of God came on him. He lost his senses and started moving on his fours like an animal, eating grass, with his hair and nails growing long.

But at the end of seven years he became sane again, and took back charge of his empire. Now he realised that God was almighty and sovereign, and that He was able to humble those who exalted themselves and raise up those who humbled themselves. This is a warning for all of us to recognise and submit to God in our lives and not to take pride in ourselves.

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