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  The Great Bible Story #80
Daniel with the lions

Jacob Ninan
The Babylonian empire was finally taken over by the Medo-Persians. Darius the Mede became the king and he appointed Daniel as one of the three commissioners in charge of the whole kingdom. But when the king was impressed with the 'extraordinary spirit' that he saw in Daniel he planned to appoint him over the whole kingdom. Obviously the other commissioners and leaders were not happy with this, and they planned to bring some charge against Daniel to the king. But search as they might, they could not find anything to charge Daniel with as far as the government was concerned. Then it occurred to them that Daniel worshipped a different God and that they could use that to pin him down.

These people went to the king suggesting that the king should pass a decree that for the next thirty days no one in the kingdom should pray to anyone other than the king! If anyone disobeyed this, he should be thrown into the lions' den. The king agreed. Even after Daniel heard about it, he did not stop praying as usual to God three times a day, kneeling on the floor with windows open towards Jerusalem. The other commissioners were quick to note this, and ran to the king saying that Daniel had not bothered to obey the decree of the king. When the king heard this about Daniel he was sad, but he had to follow the law which he himself had made. Reluctantly he told them that they should throw Daniel to the lions.

After this the king spent a sleepless night worrying about Daniel, and early in the morning he rushed to the lions' den. He shouted loudly asking if Daniel's God had somehow saved him from death. He was relieved to hear Daniel reply that his God had kept the mouths of the lions closed all night and that he was all right!

Now the king was angry with the commissioners for plotting this against Daniel and commanded the soldiers to catch them and throw them into the lions' den. As soon as they reached the bottom of the den, the lions pounced upon them and tore them to pieces.

Then King Darius made a proclamation all through the empire that the God of Daniel who saved him even from the lions was the real God and that everyone should honour and fear that God. He also said that it was His kingdom that was to last forever.

Daniel continued to enjoy great success even during the reign of the next king, Cyrus. During his life God showed him many visions concerning the future. He also prayed for the return of Judah to their own land.

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