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  The Great Bible Story #96
A Samaritan woman comes to faith

Jacob Ninan
One day Jesus came to Sychar, a city in Samaria, and sat near 'Jacob's well'. The Samaritans were usually looked down upon by the Jews because of their mixed ancestry. His disciples went forward to buy some food. At this time a woman came to collect water and Jesus asked her for some water to drink. She expressed her suprise that a Jew was talking to her. Jesus' reply was that if she knew who He was she would ask Him for living water. She ridiculed Him by saying He didn't even have a bucket to collect water and He was offering her living water! Jesus replied that anyone who drank the water He had to give would have living water springing up inside to eternal life. She continued her mockery by asking Him for that water!

At this point Jesus asked her to go and bring her husband along. She said she didn't have any. Then Jesus told her that she had had five husbands in the past and now she was now living with a man without marriage. When she realised she was dealing with an extraordinary person she tried to change the subject to religious matters. She asked Him whether God should be worshipped only in Jerusalem as the Jews said or whether it was all right to worship on the mountains in Samaria. But Jesus would not be side-tracked. He said it was not about the place, but the point was to worship God in truth and in spirit. God was looking for that kind of worshippers. The woman replied that when the Messiah came He would clarify all such matters. Jesus told her plainly that He who was talking to her was the Messiah.

The disciples came back at this time with food. They were a bit shocked to see Jesus talking alone with a woman. But they didn't say anything about it. But when they asked Him to eat food, He said that He had some food they didn't know about! He explained that the best kind of food that could satisfy us was doing the will of the Father.

Meanwhile, the woman was so excited with the knowledge of the Messiah that she left her pots behind and ran back to the village with the news. She told the people there that there was a man who knew everything about her, and asked them to find out if He was really the Messiah. So many of them came rushing to Him and listened to Him. At the end they exclaimed that now they believed Him because they had seen Him themselves and not merely because of what the woman had told them.

Many were saved because of her testimony. Jesus had not come to judge her, but to save her.

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