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  The Great Bible Story #97
The authority Jesus had

Jacob Ninan
One day when Jesus was in the synagogue in Capernaum, the people wondered at the authoritative way in which He spoke. There was a demon possessed man there who saw Jesus and cried out, acknowledging Him as the Holy One of God and pleading with Him not to trouble him. Jesus asked the evil spirit to come out of the man, and when it did, the man became normal. The people who saw this were amazed at the authority Jesus had even over demons.

A leper who was an outcast from society came to Jesus and said that if He was willing, He could heal him. Jesus said He was willing, and healed the man's leprosy.

Jesus was sitting inside a house, teaching the people who had gathered there. Some people came carrying a paralytic on a bed hoping Jesus would heal him. But there was no way they could get to Jesus because of the crowd. So they carried the bed to the roof, made an opening in the roof, and lowered the bed with ropes to the place Jesus was! When Jesus saw their faith in action, He told the paralytic that his sins were forgiven. The Pharisees and other leaders were aghast, saying only God could forgive sins. Jesus asked them whether it was easier to say his sins were forgiven or to heal him. To prove that He had the authority to forgive sins, He asked the man to get up, carry his own bed and walk out! The crowd was astonished beyond measure!

A centurion of the Roman army whose servant was sick came to Jesus and requested Jesus to heal him. Jesus started walking towards his home. But the man said it was not necessary for Jesus to go to his home, but it would be sufficient just to command it through words. Jesus was impressed with this man's faith and said it was difficult to find such faith even among the Jews. Jesus sent the centurion home, and when he reached there he found out that his servant had been healed at the time when Jesus had commanded it.

Jesus was crossing the Sea of Galilee in a boat along with His disciples. He was sleeping when a storm broke out and even though many of the disciples were experienced sailors they began to fear it was the end. They woke Jesus up and told Him they were all about to die. Jesus saw the storm and rebuked it (possibly because this was an attempt from Satan to kill Him). Immediately the sea became calm! The disciples were awe-struck by the event wondering how Jesus could command even the wind and the sea and how they obeyed Him. They didn't realise He was the Creator!

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