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  The Great Bible Story #98
Signs and wonders

Jacob Ninan
Jesus came to a place called Gerasenes when a man ran towards Him. This man was demon possessed, lived among the tombs and was so strong that even chains could not hold him. He used to scream and cut himself, but when he came to Jesus he bowed down and asked why the Son of God was there. Jesus asked him his name, and he said it was Legion because there were many demons. When the demons knew Jesus was going to cast them out, they begged for permission to enter some pigs nearby. (Demons need permission even to enter pigs! We don't need to fear them.) Jesus agreed. But then the pigs became so wild that they ran over the cliff into the sea! But the man himself became normal. The owners of the pigs were upset with Jesus and requested Him to go away!

One day when Jesus was teaching the people, Jairus, an official of the synagogue, came and requested Him to go with him and heal his daughter. As they were walking, a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years came in the crowd secretly, too embarrassed to address Him openly. She thought that she could get healed if she could just touch Jesus' clothes. When she touched she was instantly healed! Jesus asked aloud who had touched Him! She came trembling, fell down before Him and said what had happened. He acknowledged that it was due to her faith that she had been healed.

In the meantime, people came from Jairus' house and told him his daughter was already dead. Jesus said not to worry, and continued towards the house. When they reached home there was a lot of crying. But Jesus told them not to cry because the girl was only 'sleeping'. Some of them laughed at Him for this. But Jesus went to the girl and commanded her to get up. The girl became alive and got up!

As Jesus kept moving from place to place, two blind men followed Him and asked Him loudly to heal their eyes. Jesus asked them if they thought He was able to do this. They confirmed their faith in Him, and then He touched their eyes and suddenly they could see!

Once when Jesus had been speaking to the people for a long time, they became hungry. He asked the disciples to give them food to eat. They didn't have enough food or money to buy! One boy had five loaves of bread and two fish which the disciples showed Jesus. He made the crowd to sit around in groups, took the food, blessed it, broke it into pieces and asked the disciples to distribute. After everyone ate, they collected twelve baskets of leftovers.

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