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Self assessment

Honesty before God

<<  The fifth of seven devotionals on the subject.  >>

Jacob Ninan

“All things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.” (Heb.4:13 NASB)

You would have seen that there is a great tendency within us to want to impress the others, especially those who matter to us. When it comes to our superiors at work we think it is necessary to do that. But would this include giving a false impression, pretending to be greater than we are, pulling others down so that we can shine in comparison, etc.? We can see that this is going on all around us.

If we get on to this bandwagon, we will weaken our ability to live before God. If we are to be pleasing to Him, there is no way except to live before Him. Even engaging accountability partners will not be the best solution because we may not disclose everything to them. When God asked Abraham to become ‘perfect’ (meaning pressing on towards perfection), the implication was that he would need to live before Him in order to be able to do this (Gen.17:1).

To walk before God involves our awareness of His scrutiny of our every action, word, thought and even intention of the heart. We would be in touch with Him constantly, asking Him what to do in different situations, thanking Him for every blessing, confessing our failures and receiving forgiveness, and asking for help for the future. If we do this, we cannot help but become more and more aware of ourselves as we are.

What we need to watch out is our tendency to pretend even before God, justify our wrong actions even when we know we are wrong, focus on telling Him what we want rather than yielding to Him to do His will, etc. But, of course, we cannot fool God. As we make ourselves open before God, He is able to work in us and bring about the fulfilment of His plans for our life.

Lord, I want to learn to be up-front with You. You know everything about me. I ask You to change me so that I can fit into Your plans better.

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Published in Management Devotional - Biblical insights for daily work life 2016, Christian Institute of Management.

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