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Self assessment

Facing the truth

<<  The sixth of seven devotionals on the subject.  >>

Jacob Ninan

“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.” (1Tim.1:15 NASB)

This was the apostle Paul’s opinion about himself! The more clearly we see ourselves in the light of God, the more we are likely to apply this to ourselves. Isaiah saw himself as a man of unclean lips when he saw a vision of God, and the apostle John felt like a dead man when he saw the risen Jesus in a vision. If we think highly of ourselves, the chances are that we have not seen God like that!

One reason why people don’t like to do introspection is the pain that results. The ugly things we see in us, especially concerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart, are difficult to face. We would rather have ‘positive’ thoughts that place us in the future than face the reality of today.

But it is the truth that sets us free. If we hide from the truth about ourselves it will be like avoiding going to a doctor because it might call for surgery. Actually none of us is without fault. All of us were born in sin, and we suffer from the distortions sin has caused in our spirit, thinking, feeling and will. Since the mind itself has been affected by this distortion, only if we look at the mirror of God’s word can we see ourselves as we really are.

God does not show us our faults and failures to condemn us, but to heal us more. Like a doctor who gives us the diagnosis, He goes on to lead us to the cure. Even though there will be pain, remorse, guilt or sorrow when we see ourselves, if we confess it to God He will forgive us, and also cleanse us. He will also teach us to be different from then on.

A man who walks on this way of cleansing will get more ‘light’ from God that will make his path progressively clear (Prov.4:18).

Lord, I want to learn to be up-front with You. You know everything about me. I ask You to change me so that I can fit into Your plans better.

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Published in Management Devotional - Biblical insights for daily work life 2016, Christian Institute of Management.

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