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Self assessment

Facing the truth

<<  The seventh of seven devotionals on the subject.

Jacob Ninan

“After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you” (1Pet.5:10 NASB).

We are made for an eternity with Jesus where we will reign without blemish or wrinkle. The process of transformation from what we are now to what He wants us to be is going on now and will get completed when we meet Him face to face. Our self-assessment is a vital part of that process here. We do it because we want to become like our Master and Saviour. There is nothing greater for a disciple than to be become like the Master. This is the target towards which we strive now. Each insight we receive about what we lack or where we are failing is to help us to seek after this target.

We know that Jesus came here not just to die for our sins, but also to show us the Father. Some Christians are confused in thinking that the God of the Old Testament is very different from that of the New Testament. But it is the same God showing us different sides to His character under different circumstances. When Jesus was here on earth, He showed us the character of God in all its balance. He showed us His righteousness, justice, hatred for sin and His love, compassion and mercy for the people who sinned. He is our role model.

When we look at the mirror of God’s word we see two things—what God is like and what we are like in comparison. We don’t have to lose heart when we see ourselves because God’s intention is to make us like Him. We need not give up if we stumble and fall along the way because we can get up and walk again. We can now live each day keeping in view our final goal of what we want to be.

Lord, thank You for working in me to make me like You. There is so much lack me. Help me to follow You till I become like You.

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Published in Management Devotional - Biblical insights for daily work life 2016, Christian Institute of Management.

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