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Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"He comforts us when we are in trouble, so that we can share that same comfort with others in trouble" (2Co.1:4 CEV).

This is Jacob Ninan, a Bible teacher, and a Christian counsellor. My focus is to look at practical aspects of the Christian life and to try and eliminate error in doctrine and practice. Welcome to my web site where I have placed hundreds of articles for you to read and be blessed.

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The Practical Christian Life

This is my book, "The Practical Christian Life", which is the product of a lifetime of study, which I am placing here for you to freely read online or download. It addresses the many practical aspects of christian life based on sound Bible teaching. I have sincerely tried to keep an open mind and to avoid denominational boxes. As a result, in addition to giving us a good foundation, this book exposes common misunderstandings. Read and tell others.

Articles Articles. Bible studies, general articles related to Christian life and counsel, articles on marriage counselling, answers to frequently asked questions, Q&A related to counsel, editorials in the Light of Life magazine. Go to articles page.

The latest article: Keeping God in a box!
God is too big to fit inside any of our ideas.

The latest article: Divine and human perfection
Doctrine and practical life meeting together.

The latest article: The way of cleansing
The godly way of repenting from sins.

The latest video message: It's your thinking that matters!
A YouTube video on the root of our issues.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions is a group of Bible based articles giving answers to many common questions that people have about issues related to doctrines and practical life.

Pointers along the way'Pointers along the way' (Weekly devotionals that make you think) are brief messages on some aspect of practical Christian truth that are sent out by email, God willing, once a week. Subscribe (Free) to receive this by email every week. You can read the old pointers on this web site. New. Pointers 1-700 are available as e-books in 7 volumes as Kindle books and for free download as PDF!

Pointers along the way #745
Attitude of lawlessness

Grace doesn't cancel the law, if understood in the right way. Read more

The Great Bible Story'The Great Bible Story' (Daily) is a series of Bible stories written in simple words to introduce busy readers to the Bible. Subscribe (Free) to receive this by email every day. You can read the stories on this web site, or download the ebook in epub, mobi or pdf formats. Click here.

The Great Bible Story #125
Missionary journeys

Once we have known and experienced the good news of Jesus, it is only natural that we want to share it with others. Read more

Ponder along the way
Ponder along the way (Daily)
The love of God does not stand alone but along with His holiness, righteousness and justice. Let's worship Him in His fulness.
You can read all the past postings here

Counsel Page
  Personal counselling. Perhaps there are questions you would like to ask concerning practical life, personal, marriage or relationship problems, or understanding of doctrine. Write with the assurance that your questions will be answered prayerfully and personally, based on Biblical principles and truths. Your correspondence will be kept confidential.

Pastor on the web If you would like to develop a long term relationship with me as your shepherd/mentor, do write. If you only need a one time counsel, please use the counsel page above.

Understanding the Bible
  Understanding the Bible - for ordinary Christians is a book for those who want to know in simple terms how to interpret passages in the Bible. This has become very crucial in the presence of many wrong teachings that are going on around us. This is available for reading online, free download as a PDF file, for purchase as a Kindle e-book and in the print form in a few book stalls. Click here.

Understanding the Bible
  Understanding the Bible - and where people go wrong is a revision of the earlier book including examples of how people go wrong in interpreting the Bible and forming doctrines. This is available for purchase from the publisher, Person to Person (PtP) Institute for Christian Counselling.

The Practical Christian Life
The Practical Christian Life is a book for every Christian who wants to learn about the doctrinal basis for the practical aspects of the life God has prepared for us and how we can get to experience them.

Pointers along the way
Pointers along the way A collection of 700 weekly devotionals that make you think. Compiled over many years.

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